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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

We are an attentive firm offering comprehensive, individualized estate planning services to clients covering the wealth spectrum. We prepare Wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts to meet the client’s specific estate planning needs, wishes and goals. We implement estate plans carefully considering familial, asset, and business relationship circumstances requiring steady and ongoing counsel. We also provide legal services handling complex estate and tax issues, working with your other financial professionals, to create sound and proven strategies to meet client’s tax goals.

Probate & Trust Administration

It is never easy dealing with the death of a loved one. Too often, family members can become overwhelmed with what and when actions need to be taken. Our firm offers empathetic counsel through the process of administering the trust, probate or other administrative processes. We offer personalized counsel to make sure such administrative duties are competently and timely accomplished, protecting such assets for an optimal outcome. When disputes and disagreements arise, we handle trust and estate negotiations, hearings, and contested litigation matters revolving around such administration.

Real Estate

Our firm counsels clients in real estate matters from simple residential leases to complex commercial real estate transactions that intertwine with business planning and other business matters.  Our firm represents clients in residential, commercial and/or agricultural real estate sales, whether private party sales, or in conjunction with real estate brokerage firms.

Business Law

Our firm has vast experience in representing businesses from creation to dissolution.  We work with businesses to help develop strong and attainable objectives.  We additionally consult with clients in planning for and executing succession plans of closely-held businesses, whether through sales to third parties, mergers, acquisitions, internal or family succession, retirement, disability, or even death.  We further offer counsel in the areas of real estate, contracts, employment, taxation and other commercial matters that arise during an ongoing business.

Civil Litigation

Whether you have suffered a personal injury such as a car accident, dispute, construction disputes, or contract/commercial litigation, our firm can represent you regarding such matters to evaluate such claims and guide you towards the best outcomes, whether through mediation, settlement, or trial.

Collaborative Law

While Kidd Law Firm, PLLC is a small town firm, we continuously collaborate with larger firms on all kinds of matters.  Whether such matters require local counsel or such matters require the resources of large law firms; we work with such firms to counsel clients to create the best representation possible.